Planning for the possibility of the high costs of long-term care takes advance planning. Long term care planning must be completed at least five (5) years before an individual goes to a nursing home. Without careful planning, the assets that you have accumulated during your lifetime could be subject to the costs of long-term care. We assist you with developing a comprehensive plan to protect your assets and ensure that your assets pass to the people you want your assets to go to at the time of your death.

In the event you do require long-term care, we will assist you with your application to your local Department of Social Services for Medicaid benefits for Community Based Medicaid (home care) and Chronic Care Medicaid (nursing home). Whether you have previously completed a comprehensive plan or if you have not done any planning for long-term care, we are available to counsel you regarding options for protecting your assets whether through trusts or gifting and loans. As Medicaid is a complex program with various asset and income requirements, it is in your best interest to discuss the available long-term care options with a professional to ensure that you fully understand any pitfalls or rules when applying for Medicaid benefits.