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Our legal team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality and affordable real estate services.  Whether you are buying or selling an entire farm, vacant land, or your home we can assist you with the entire process from preparing a Purchase and Sale Agreement to representing you at the closing.  Our collaboration efforts assure our clients of maximum representation of their interests in all aspects of their property.  We can also assist you with deed transfers if you are looking to transfer your land or home to a business entity, a trust, or your children.  We are experienced in Conservation Easements, Solar Leases, Wind Turbine Leases, and Cellular Tower Leases.  We also provide representation on agricultural leases to both the landlord (non-farmers) and the tenant (farmer).  Our real estate legal services include:


  • Buying or Selling your  Farm or vacant land
  • Buying and Selling your Home
  • Reviewing Conservation Easements
  • Negotiating Solar Leases, Wind Turbine Leases, and Cellular Tower Leases
  • Preparing Rights of First Refusal Agreements and Option Agreements
  • Negotiating Methane Digester Leases
  • Deed Transfers to Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Trusts, and/or Family Members